Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bangi Gong Xi Fa Chai Blitz Celebration!

Rusdi Sidi (left) the new Bangi"citizen" against Shamsul Bahrin (right) the "full time" blitz player!

Last night, Rusdi Sidi, Shamsul Bahrin and I celebrated the Gong Xi Fa Chai holidays with a blitz “fiesta” at one of Section 15 Bangi hangout - a corner lot Tom Yam Restaurant (forgot the name). The fiesta is similar with the famous "Bangi Night Fever" but in smaller scale. Three of us blitzing against each other with the first player to reach best five result ( 5 win ) will win the session. The tournaments start at 6.45 pm and last untill 1.30 a.m with about 30 minutes break for Maghrib and Isyak prayer- yes we chess player do pray :) . The tournaments follow the FIDE Law with some adjustment that the players are allowed to eat, drink,smoke and made a phone call & sms during the games. Shamsul even bring a sort of pocket Sudoko (left) but of course we trust him that it didn't have the Fritz features inside....hehehe....just in case if player try to use computer assistant as i wrote on my previous post

The tournament winner for this edition is Shamsul Bahrin ( 2 times). This guy is really tough to beat in blitz but Rusdi and i tried our best to gave him a real fight and headache with several swindle, lost on time, correct sacrifice, stupid sacrifice, free piece taken, free piece not taken and in Rusdi case, he resign when his opponent Shamsul (left) have actually lost on time for about a minute!

The restaurant owner were really supportive and didn't mind we playing in his restaurant. In fact he ask our permission to watch the game. We even pray together at the nearest surau during the break. Of course we did buy some foods and drink and in my case- Nasi Goreng Kampong, Telur dadar, maggi sup, limau suam, nescafe and isotonic drink.

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