Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dutch Chess Player Banned For Using Pocket Fritz! here and here release an article regarding a recent incident happen in the match between Bergen op Zoom vs AAS in Dutch League 2C last Saturday. The player (team captain) were caught using a PDA with Pocket Fritz (photo left) although he later explained that he actually "just" entering his game in his database. Photo right is actually GM Raymond Keene using Pocket Fritz correctly!

The player were heavilly punished with a banned till 2010. What a punishment! but i think (and vote! - in poll about the ban ) the ban by the Dutch Federation is appropriate and should be a lesson to any chessplayer in the future.

So lesson of the day guys...use Pocket Fritz only at what John Nunn have done below!

read the full article of GM John Nunn using pocket fritz at here

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