Saturday, September 25, 2010

Round 5 Pairing!

Open Section

After being beaten by the Swiss team yesterday, the men team will meet Bolivia in round 5 today. On paper, Malaysia with an average rating of 2325 should have no problem beating Bolivia who have an average rating of 2206 but we must learned from the experienced of our women team when they were beaten by the Sri Lanka team yesterday.

Round 5 on 2010/09/25 at 15:00
Bo.104BOL Bolivia (BOL)Rtg-86MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg0 : 0

Women Section

The Women team will set to amend their disappointing result yesterday and today they will definitely try their best to beat their 5th round opponent - Iraq .

Round 4 on 2010/09/24 at 15:00
Bo.74MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg-83SRI Sri Lanka (SRI)Rtg0 : 0
43.1Bakri Alia Anin Azwa1904-Muhandiram R M M U1744
43.2WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham1829-Basnayake I U1746
43.3Wahiduddin Nurul Huda2020-Premanath Dinushki1853
43.4Fong Mi Yen1905-Ranasinghe S D1822

Malaysia Boleh !

The 5th round will start at about 5 PM Malaysian time.

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