Saturday, September 25, 2010

Men lost women win


Our men team lost 1.5-2.5 against Bolivia in round 5. The lost is quite unexpected considering that Bolivia have lower average rating compare to our men team. They also have only 2 FMs compare to us 2 IMs and one FM but as happen regularly in the Olympiads, rating and titles advantage doesn't guarantee points especially in this team event.

Today is the rest day and the i hope the players will have enough time to rest and 'recharge their batteries'. My advice is to avoid the Bermuda Party and i believe they will do that as Mok told to me before departing to Khanty Mansiysk - "The party is not suite to our Malaysian culture'.

After round 5, the men's team is now in 118th place but i believe they will bounced back. On Monday, they will meet San Marino and our team should have no problem to beat them.

The Women

NWM Fong Mi Yen at the 2010 Olympiad , Khanty Mansiysk. Photo by Roslina Marmono

After their unexpected lost against the Sri Lankan in previous round, the women team strike back against Iraq . They won 3-1 and this could be "the mother of all turning point' ( remebering Saddam Hussein's famous quote) for the team . Alia (board 1) and Fong Mi Yen (board 4) win while Nabila (board 2) and Nurul Huda (board 3) draw.

The women team is now in 77th place and on Monday, they will meet Ecuador.

Malaysia Boleh!

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