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Mashafizul - Yannick Pelleteir - Draw

IM Mashafizul (2422) vs GM Yannick Pelleteir (2592)
39th Olympiad, Round 4, 24.9.2010

Analysed by Centaur (Hairulov + Rybka 4)

e4 d6 Is Pelleteir planning to play The Pirc Defense? 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 e5 It seems that Pelleteir is not planning to play The Pirc defense after all. The game now transpose into a Philidor Defense. 4.dxe5 dxe5 5.Qxd8+ Kxd8

Black doesn't mind to give his right to castle
because after the exchange of both queen, castling doesn't matter much. On the other hand, Mas probably choose to trade queen and play a slow maneuvering strategy as happen in his victory against GM Eduardas Rozentalis yesterday. 6.Bg5 The main line is 6.Bc4 Be6 7.Bxe6 fxe6 6...c6 7.0-0-0 Ke8 Rybka opening book prefer 7...Nbd7 . The king sometimes move to c7 in this line 8.f3 Be6 9.g3 Nfd7 the other knight move 9...Nbd7 is also possible here
10. Kb1 f6 11. Bc1

As i said before, Mas will play a slow maneuvering game. He just move the dark square bishop to its initial square!
11... Bb4 12.Nge2 Mas can also choose to copy Pelleteir's previous knight move 9...Nfd7 by moving his knight on c3 to e2 (12.Nce2)
a5 13. b3 Na6 14. Bb2 Ke7 Black move his king towards the center which is a good idea if the game transpose into endgame. The move also connect both of his rooks. 15. Nc1 b5 16. Nd3 Bd6 17. Bg2 It looks like Mas who is playing black. He fianchetto both of his bishop and wait for his opponent to over pressed before punish it later. 17...Nac5 18.
Nf2 Rhd8 19.Ne2

After 18 moves, all white pieces is at its second and first rank while his most advance unit is his solo pawn on e4. This is the most ultra- defensive strategy used by Mas i ever see and don't forget, he is playing the white piece. 19... Bf7 20. Bh3 Bc7 21. Bf5 Bb6 22. Rhf1 Ne6 23. h4 h6
24. f4 Bc7
25. Bxe6 Bxe6 26. f5 White choose to fix black's kingside pawn on the dark square. His next plan is probably to push g4-h4 and g5 to undermine black's kingside pawns and made his bishop on b2 alive. 26...Bf7 27. g4 Bb6 28. Ng3 Nc5 29. Bc1 Nb7 30. Nd3 c5 31. Be3
Ra6 ( note :- Khai Boon has resign.) 32.Nb2 c4 33.Rxd8 Kxd8 34.Nd1 b4 black's queenside pawn is marching slow and steady towards white's king
35. g5!? if black choose to be greedy with 35... Bxe3 36. Nxe3 and 36...fxg5 white will have a strong initiative after 37. hxg5 hxg5
38. Ng4 and the e5 can't be protected 35...hxg5 36.hxg5 fxg5?! This move looks odd. Now black's e5 pawn is isolated and should be a potential target 37.Bxg5+ Kd7 38.Rh1 Bd8?
Pelleteir has less then 5 minutes at this point compare to Mas - 16 minutes. His 38th could be a serious mistake because white can punish it with 39.Bxd8 Nxd8 40.Rh7! g6? 41.bxc4 winning a pawn. 39.Bxd8 Nxd8 40.Ne3 Mas missed 40.Rh7! 40...cxb3 41.axb3 Fortunately for Pelleteir, the 4o move has been reached . Now with time added, he can be a little bit calm.
41...Ke7 42.Ng4 a4 if black defend his e5 pawn with 42...Nc6 he will be punish with 43.Rh7! Kf8 44.Rh8+ Ke7 45.f6+! gxf6 46.Nf5+Ke6 47.Rh6! 43.bxa4 Rxa4 44.Nxe5

Mas is a pawn up and have a very good chance for a win. Ooh i can't just imagine if Mas win this game, he will has a scored of 2.5/3 against GMs! 44...Ra3 45.Nf1?! This is quite passive. 45.Rg1! seems better 45...b3 46.Rh8
The players have been playing for more then 4 hours now and this can affect their concentration. 46...Ra5 The score now is the Swiss has already win on match point by leading with 2.5 - 0.5. So perhaps, Mas is now playing for rating and for GM norm 47.Ng4 bxc2+ 48.Kxc2 Nc6 49.Kd2 Ne5 50.Nxe5 Rxe5 51.Ke3 g6 52.Kf4 Ra5 53.Ne3 Ra4?

Now white's king can penetrate with 54.Ke5! and if black play 54...Ra5+ white have a tactical idea - 55.Nd5+ Bxd5 56.f6+!! the star move 56...Kf7 57.exd5 and now white have two strong passed pawn 54.
Ke5 Ra6
55. Rb8 This move is not bad but winning is (55. Nd5+! Bxd5 (55...
Kd7 56. Rh7) 56. exd5 gxf5 57. d6+ Kd7 58. Rh7+ Kc8 59. Ke6 f4 60. Rf7
55... Kd7 56. Rb7+ Ke8 57. Rb8+? White should have play 57.Nd5+ win 57... Kd7 58. Rb7+again, 58.Nd5+ is strong and winning. Both player is in time trouble. 58...Ke8 59. Ng4 gxf5 60. Nf6+
Kf8 61. exf5 Ra5+ 62. Kf4
Bd5 63. Rd7 Bb3 64. Rc7 Ba2 65. Rb7 Bd5 66. Rc7 Ba2
67. Rc1 Rb5
68. Ne4 Bb1 69. Rc8+ Kg7 70. f6+ Kg6 71. Rg8+ Kf7 72. Rg7+ Kf8 73.
Nd6 Rd5?? A blunder in time trouble.

74.Rd7! Mas is threatening checkmate with 75.Rd8++ so Pelleteir has to give his rook for white's knight 74...Rxd6 75.Rxd6 This should be winning for Mas. Theoretically black can't win because he has only a king and a bishop left. According to Fundamental Chess Endings by GM Karsten Muller - this ending is usually win for rook side but it is worth noting that the king and rook should be activated before the pawn advances too far. In most cases, the position remains won, but there are some exception, especially with a rook's pawn and a queening square of the opposite colour to the bishop. ooopss...did he mention that
a queening square of the opposite colour to the bishop is the exception ? Petteleir bishop is infact opposite colour to the queening square on f8 ! So the game could lead to a draw....
75... Kf7 76. Ke5 Ba2 77. Ra6 Bb3 78. Ra7+ Kf8 79. Ra3
Bc4 80. Rc3 Ba2 81. Rc1 Kf7 82. Kf5 Be6+ 83. Kg5 Bd5 84. Re1 Bb3 85. Re2 Bc4
86. Re3 Ba2 87. Kf5 Bb1+ 88. Ke5 Ba2 89. Rc3 Kf8 90. Rc1 Kf7 91. Rc2 Bb3 92.
Rd2 Kf8 93. Re2 Kf7 94. Kf5 Bc4 95. Rb2 Be6+ 96.Ke5 Bc4 97.Rc2 Bb3 98.Rc1 1/2-1/2 Black claim draw because of threefold repetition if he play 98...Ba2

What a miss for Mas but still a draw against a GM with 170 rating higher then him is a good result. Syabas Mas

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