Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Both Men and Women Win and....Greg the Saviour!

Round 8 Results

Open Section

Bo.114SRI Sri Lanka (SRI)Rtg-86MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg1½:2½
55.1Perera W C C2016-IMMok Tze-Meng24160 - 1
55.2Koggala W S V K2026-Tan Khai Boon21601 - 0
55.3Weerawardane R2165-FMLong Peter2302½ - ½
55.4Anuruddha G C2144-Lau Gregory21590 - 1

Yes. I would say that round 8 belongs to Mr.MCF's Secretary - Gregory Lau! After the lost to the ICSC's team in the previous round , the men team decide to rest Mashafizul who lost his game against GM Gruenfeld. I personally think that Mas ( same goes to Mok, Khai Boon and Peter) need the rest badly. Fortunately, Mok proved that he can handle the Sri Lankan 1st board.

The is the first game for Greg in Khanty Mansisk but it didn't stop him to deliver and become the saviour for the men team. Greg who play on board 4 was the last to finish and his victory give the Malaysian team (who was at that particular moment - tied 1.5 - 1.5 with the Sri Lank team ) the badly needed point to seal the match with the score 2.5-1.5.

Mr.Saviour - Gregory Lau

Greg's place in Khanty Mansisk has been question by many. He was also criticized by one of the local blogger for playing in round 8 instead of Mashafizul . With this victory he shows that he can still deliver and...kick some ass!

Talking about Greg's game, i was following and commenting his game live and it was a breathtaking experience. Click here for the annotated game.

Mashafizul who was chatting with me during the game via facebook, was very happy with Greg's victory and suggest that i print and frame the game so that Greg can give it to his students. He suggest to give it the title "The Game That Save one of Malaysian Day in the Olympiad!" :)

Women Section

Bo.81UAE United Arab Emirates (UAE)Rtg-74MAS Malaysia (MAS)Rtg1½:2½
40.1WIMSaleh Nora Mohd1906-Bakri Alia Anin Azwa19040 - 1
40.2WFMAl-Zarouni Kholoud Essa1890-WCMNur Nabila Azman Hisham18290 - 1
40.3WIMAl-Harmoudi Mona1821-Marmono Roslina1933½ - ½
40.4WFMAl Ali Amna Nuaman1752-Fong Mi Yen19051 - 0

The women team did a good job by defeating the Emirate 2.5-1.5. They should also be happy when their men counterpart get revenge for them by beating The Sri Lanka's men team. :) For the record, the Sri Lankan's women team beat our girls in round 4.

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