Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ian Udani Win Hari Raya Open House Blitz Tournament

3rd October 2009 -Ian Udani win the Hari Raya Open House Blitz tournament held at the Dato' Arthur Tan Chess Center (DATCC) Wilayah Kompleks, Kuala Lumpur. Time control is 5 minutes plus 2 seconds increment. The tournament start with 13 rounds play and the top 8 players proceed to the knock-out stage. This tournament was sponsored by the camera shy - Sirajuddin . He not only sponsored the prize money but also the foods ( Beriyani King!? , Mee Hoon etc.etc) for the players and family who was also invited to the event. The tournament attract about 40 participants and International Arbiter (IA) Abdul Hamid Majid act as the tournament arbiter.

Below is the player who proceed to the knock-out stage and their quarterfinal pairing. (The player name on bold win their match)


FM Ooi Chern Ee vs Razak Saidin

FM Mok Tze Meng vs Yeoh Li Tian

Zach Han vs IM Tan Lian Ann

Norazman Ismail vs Ian Udani


Ian Udani vs Zach Han

FM Mok Tze Meng vs FM Ooi Chern EE


Ian Udani vs FM Mok Tze Meng ( Game 1 won by Ian and Game 2 draw)

Final - Game 1: FM Mok lost to Ian 0-1

Ian Udani vs FM Mok Tze Meng
Hari Raya Open House Blitz Tournament (Final- Game 2) , 3.10. 2009
Ian won the first game so Mok has a difficult task to win the 2nd game with black.
White is clearly better. His a pawn up and black d4 pawn is weak. 1. Bg5 Qf7 2. Qf4 Bxg5 3. Qxf7+ Rxf7 4. Rxc8 Bd2 5. Re8 Be1 6. Bf3 Bd2 7. Kg2 Bh6? 8. Be4 8. Bd5 win easily for e.g 8...Rg7 9.f4 and black is zugzwang;
8...Rf6, 8...Rf5. 8...Rf8 all lost the c7 pawn after 9.Re7+
8...Rd7? 9.Bg8+ Kg7 10.Be6
8... Bg7 9.Re6 once again 9. Bd5 win 9...Rf8 (9... Rd7 10. Be6) 10.Re7 and black lost his c7 pawn 9... Bf6 10. Re8 Kg7 11. Bd5 Re7 12.Rxe7+ Bxe7 A different colour bishop ending has arise. Black who is a pawn down has no chance to win this ending but in blitz you will never know. 13.Kf3 g5 14. hxg5 Bxg5 15. Ke4 Bf6 16. Be6 Winning is 16. Kf5! and black will lose his c7 pawn 16..Be7 or 16... Bd8 will be answer with 17. Ke6. If black choose 16...h4 then 17.g4! 16... Kf8 17. Kf5 Ke7 18. Bd5 h4
19. Kg4 Creating a passed pawn on- g is stronger but Ian who only need a draw to win the tournament didn't want to give black any possibility to create any problem especially black's passed pawn on- h although white light square bishop safely guard the h1 queening square . The winning line start with 19. g4! h3 20. g5 Bg7 21. Kg4 h2 22. f4 and white have two strong connected passed pawn 19... hxg3 20. Kxg3 Be5+ 21.Kg4 Bg7 22. Kf5 Bh6 23. f4 Bg7 24. Kg6 Bf6 25. Bf7 Bh8 26. Bd5 Bf6 27. Kf5 Bh8 28. Kg6 Bf6 29. Kf5 Bh8 30. Kg6 Threefold repetition and both agreed to draw. 1/2-1/2 Ian Udani who won the first game win the tournament !

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