Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rapid Boom and Chess Events Announcement

In recent years, rapid tournaments in local scenes has increased like " mushroom grows after rain" - i dully translate it from Malay - " seperti cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan" . Personally i'm not against it although i prefer longer time control. However i know a few players from the past and present that threat rapid tournaments as their "bread and butter", so it must be a good option for chess players to have an extra income for their living - of course you have to consistently win the cash money prizes to do just that !

Another points is rapid chess can be a good publicity because usually it is held at a public place like shopping complex where it can attract public attention . It also a good option for people with not much time to play because in rapid you can play a tournament with 6-7 games ( round) in one day.

Before i get critics from classical time control fans, i would like to mentioned that i will equally happy if the classical time control tournaments experience the same "boom" as the rapid. To produced title players ( GMs, IMs, FMs, WGM,..etc) we need players who can adopt well with the standard time control because usually playing to much rapids can ruin your rythm when you play longer time control.

Anyway, with the help of the Internet, organiser doesn't have big problem nowadays to publicise their tournaments like before . As a blogger, i will give support for any organiser to publicise their chess tournament/events on my blog. Just email me the details at

For readers convenience, i've created a new blog for chess events/tournaments announcement -

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