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DATCC Round 9

17 June 2009 - Round 9 is the end of the first phase of the double round robin ( 18 rounds) 2009 DATCC Team League. Below are the photo report .

786 Chess Club vs Gold Is ( 0.5-3.5 )

Mohd Saprin Sabri (left) draw against IM Jimmy Liew. The player are using a new digital chess clock with a red light indicate player turn

There's something in Jimmy's drink that attract my attention !?

According to source , all 786 chess players get a Red Bull Isotonic drink sponsored by their teamate - Saprin. Looking at the results, probably there won't get any for the next round :)

The duel between the top seed - Gold Is against 786 Chess Club is the highlight of the round. Although without their top player - IM Mashafizul, Gold Is line up is still strong with IM Jimmy Liew on first board followed by Abdullah Che Hassan, Nik Ahmad Farouqi and the strong Pinoy - Ian Udani on the 4th board.

Saprin Sabri is the only 786 "survivor", drawing with IM Jimmy Liew. Ahmad Nazri playing on board 2 lost to Abdullah Che Hassan. On Board 3 , Kamaluddin win an exchange in middlegame but Nik double bishop and extra pawns was quite difficult to handle and Nik eventually won the game. On board 4, Ian Udani sacrifiece a piece quite early and at first it looks like that the sac did'nt bring much . However after the game progress, NM Kamal found it's difficult to coordinate his pieces and spent lot of time to settle his problem but in vain.

Kamaluddin Yusof (786 Chess Club) - Nik Ahmad Farouqi (Gold Is)
DATCC Team League (Round 9), 17.06.2009

Black to move

Black's double bishop and connected passed pawn on kingside is too much to handle for Kamaluddin .

1...Kf6 2.d7+ Ke7 3.Rg6 f3 and Kamaluddin had to resign a couple of moves later 0–1

Pricewaterhouse Coopers vs The Spawn 2009 (3-1)

One of "The Auditor" from Pricewaterhouse Coopers team - Chew Yaw Chong (photo above). Hey..he's a chess blogger too you know....

Unfortunately i didn't spent much time to look at other match but the Pricewaterhouse Coopers done a great job against The Spawn 2009. "The Auditors"- the last person every excecutive like to see at the end of a tax year produced a good result by beating the Spawn 2009 who fielded a strong line up - 1. Jax Tham, 2. NM Yeoh Chin Seng, 3. Yeoh Li Tian and 4. William Chew .

DATCC vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club 1-3

My team faced the host - DATCC, although many expect us to have an easy ride, we didn't take them easy and DATCC prove to us that they can give us some serious headache . In the end, our team win 3-1 but it could have been 2-2 if not because of our 1st board- Aziz Shukor who suffered at most of the game but managed in the end to save a difficult position against local top blogger - Andrew Ooi. Andrew was totally in control but unfortunately for him ( fortunately for us) he blunder at the very last moment.

Top blogger - Andrew Ooi (left) almost beat Aziz Shukor

Andrew Ooi (DATCC) vs Aziz Shukor (Nusa Mahkota Chess Club)
Round 9, DATCC Taem League,17.6.2009

White to move

In diagram below, Fritz 11 gave a "micro" advantage to white and i bet that any human player would prefer to play white . White have an "extra piece" and a very important passed pawn on the kingside.

45. a4? Understandably the passed pawn is eager to march. However it have to wait until the right moment. Now the passed pawn is vulnerable after 45... Re1 46. Qc5 Qxa4 White's main hope - the passed a pawn drop. Now both side have no clear chance to play for a win 47. Qc7 ? The losing move. After for e.g 47.Bf3 the game should be draw. 47... Rxg1+ 48. Kxg1 Qd4+ Now white will lost the "extra" piece and the game. 49. Kh2 Qxd5 50. Qg3 Qe5 0-1

SMS Gold vs PCWM (4-0)

I expecte PCWM will fielded their hot shot "Power puffGirls" ( WFM Najiha and WCM Nabila) but probably the kids was too tired after ASEAN Age Group Championsgip at Vietnam which concluded recently. The girls deserve a break from chess and probably catch up with some school homeworks.

FM Mok Tze Meng (left) vs NWM Tan Li Ting

However the main focus is on board 1 when the recent champion of the Penang International Open 2009 - FM Mok Tze Meng vs the newly crown NWM Tan Li Ting. As expected Mok won the game but the girl gave Mok hard time. The photo above would tell .

Tan&Tan vs Methodist Boy School (3-1)

The end tailer Methodist Boy School is showing and improvement by starting to collect points.

IM Giam Choo Kwee ( standing) watch Father of Malaysian Chess- Dato Tan Chin Nam in action against MBS.

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