Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mamak Time 10

Hi, I am back after a long period of hibernation. The reason I went to my 'cave' is simply because I have just got a new baby boy, born on 4/6/2009 which is the same birthday as Dr Daud Yahya, the very important man in charge for that particular moment of the day. This very special occipito-posterior (OP)baby just made his mother to work harder in labour to have a vaginal birth. The labour was of course longer and more painful so watch out you female chess players out there!

Well, this is not the main topic I am giving you tonight since the title is Mamak Time 10. Sometimes it happens to any chess player, even a strong player if I am not mistaken, Catur Itu Bulat resigned in a winning position. This is not a joke, it really can happen to any chess player including a player of a very high calibre for instance in 1987, the game between Anand and Pigusov, Anand offered a draw after making a very good move!

From the diagram below can you find the move? White to move and score 1-0!

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