Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Malaysian Powerpuff Girls Rules !"

I can't resist but to pick the above title regarding the recent succes of the Malaysian girls in several international chess tournaments. The brilliant "powerpuff girls" are the Azman Hisham's duos - Najiha and Nabila who received the Women Fide Master (WFM) and Women Candidate Master (WCM) respectively for their recent succes at The 10th ASEAN Age Group Championship held in Vietnam. Another girl is from Kedah - Fairuz Hamziah Ahmad Fuad who won the Challengers Section of the 2009 Penang Heritage City International Open.

From left : WCM Nabila Azman, WFM Najiha Azman, Fairuz Hamziah

But wait...how come i forget another brilliant and lovely young girl...yes...it's the newly crown National Women Master (NWM) Tan Li Ting (photo above).

Fairuz and NWM Tan Li Ting photos from gilachess blog

1 comment:

fxqie@yahoo.com said...

really amazed with their capabilities..

hopefully their tallent dont stop when they enter universities. All sponsors should come in to grrom their tallent like what Indonesian did to Irene until she become WGM now..

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