Monday, December 22, 2008

Mok Tze Meng - Champion Pencarian Jaguh Negeri Terengganu (Grand Final ) ?

After 8 round of the Pencarian Jaguh Terengganu (Grand Final), FM Mok Tze Meng (photo right) lead the tournament with 7.5 points. He was followed closely by IM Mashafizul who bagged 6.5 points so far. Both meet on the 7th round and drew their game. In the final round today  , Mok will be paired against NM Zarul Zhazwan  and Mas will meet Kamaluddin Yusof. 
Mas has a chance to catch Mok if he win his last round game and Mok lost . Both of them will have the same 7.5 points but i'm not sure who will have the better tie-break. I hope, Mr.Arshad could help to calculate the possible outcome. 
result round 7

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result round 8

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Pairing round 9

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