Sunday, December 21, 2008

KL Open 2008 - Closing Ceremony - Part 1

GM Anton Filippov (right) from Uzbekistan received the KL Open 2008 Champion trophy
from DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah

Nur Nabila Azman Hisham won the KL Open 2008 (Challengers) and received the prize
from Yang Amat Mulia Raja Dato Seri' Azureen binti Sultan Azlan Shah

The closing and prize giving ceremony of the KL Open 2008 was held successfully today at the Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The ceremony was officiate by the Raja Muda of Perak - Duli Yang Teramat Mulia (DYTM) Raja Nazrin Shah . Among the VIP's is Malaysian Chess Federation(MCF) President - Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib, FIDE and ASEAN Chess Confederation (ACC) representative - Ignatius Leong and - Dato' Edmund Santhara - Company Director of the Masterskill - University College of Health Sciences - the sponsored of the event. The tournament was organised by Intchess Malaysia lead by Peter Long.

Two VIP's - Dato' Edmund Santhara from Masterskill and Ignatius Leong - FIDE and Asian Chess Confederation representative delivered their speeches.
Dato' Edmund Santhara invite all the players to come back for next year edition... which mean that the tournament will continue next year ! This must be a very good news for local fans, especially after the uncertainty of organizing the previously only international open chess tournament in Malaysia - The Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open or famously known as DATMO which has reach it final year of 5 years "life span" last September.

Ignatius Leong also delivered a good speech. One interesting fact he mentioned was that the KL Open 2008 is the 6th international open chess tournament held in Asia - for this month... and four (4) of it is in ASEAN countries !

Before the official KL Open 2008 closing ceremony, there's three side event being held which is the blitz ( 7 rounds) tournament and two simultaneous display. One by IM Manual Aaron (above) - a chess legend from India against national boy and girl junior players. Another simul is by IM Tirto from Indonesia who take on vissually handicap players in a special chess exhibition match.

IM Tirto in a simul against the visually handicap players

Mr.Latif (left) the chief arbiter and Peter Long (right) the chief organiser in "busy mode" right before the arrival of the VIP's

The Organiser - standing from left - Peter Long ( chief organiser) , Rezal (arbiter) , Rizal Ahmad Kamal (arbiter). Siting from left - Haslindah Ruslan ( participant and MCF official), Asmah and Duratul Ain ( arbiters).

In my opinion, this tournament has shown great cooperation between chess organization such as Intchess, MCF, KLCA with corporate sector - Masterskills to promote chess development in Malaysia. I hope that this will be a start for more and successful chess events in the future and let's try to forget all the differences and build on our similarities which is to flourish chess development in Malaysia ! .......sounds like i'm going to be a politician ...but you all know what i mean :)

I will post more photos and videos from the closing ceremony in the next part !

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