Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nokia Gambit at DATMO 2008!

Najib Abdul Wahab - one of the arbiter in DATMO 2008 default a player during round 4 because of the player's ringing mobile !

Today i witness a " nokia gambit" incident or to be more precise- a player default by the arbiter ( Mr.Najib Abdul Wahab) because of his mobile ringing during his game. The incident happen in table 41 and i'm not sure who the player was. However, the desicion made by by the arbiter is correct refering to Article 12.2b of FIDE Handbook :

"....It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones or other electronic means of communication, not authorised by the arbiter, into the playing venue. If a player’s mobile phone rings in the playing venue during play, that player shall lose the game. The score of the opponent shall be determined by the arbiter....."

This remind me of the first similiar incident happen to former World Champion - Ruslan Ponomariov. To make matter worse, it happen during his 20th birthday on October 11, 2003. He became the first high-profile player to default a game because of his mobile phone ringing during play. This happened in round one of the European Team Championship in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, when Ponomariov was playing black against Swedish GM Evgenij Agrest. source wikipedia

This is probably the second "nokia gambit" happen in DATMO 2008 after yesterday incident between Ian Udani and Timothy Capel that have been publish in gilachessblog . Fortunately the arbiter probably didn't noticed about the incident and the victim (Ian Udani) didn't claim either - a good sportmanship by Udani !

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fxqie@yahoo.com said...

udani and evan's game end peacefully...

i think udani with have some regret not claiming a win... at least a dot of regret coz a win is still a win.. :)