Tuesday, August 19, 2008

WIM Irene Kharisma Shukandar vs IM Richard Bitoon 1-0 !

Indonesia raising stars WIM Irene Kharisma Sukandar (2262) photo right create an upset in round 2 by beating Pinoy - IM Richard Bitoon ( FIDE 2439) . This 16 years old girl is really the future for Indonesian chess . She have already a WGM norm and need to achieve 2350 FIDE rating to confirm the title. She was once trained by IM Tibor Karoyli for a month to prepare for 2008 JAPFA Chess festival.

Below are her second round game against Pinoy IM Richard Bitoon. Watch how she destroy Richard Bitoon position in Judith Polgar style !

WIM Irene Kharisma Sukandar (2262) - IM Richard Bitoon (2439) [B00]

DATMO 2008 (Round 2), 18.08.2008

A dynamic equal position has arise and Fritz evaluate the position as more or less equal. However, Bitoon made a serious mistake with 20...Nf6? the correct move is 20...exf5 which would allow Black to play on after 21.Nxf5 Bf6 21.Qc7+- Bd7 22.fxe6 fxe6 23.Bc6 Rc8??

Black has lost his nerve :- according to Fritz...not me :)... the best way to hold the game is with 23...Qc3 24.Qb7 Bc5 25.Bxd7 Bxd4 26.Bxe6+ Kh8 though white still got the upper hand 24.Qb7 Rd8 24...Rxc6 there is nothing better in the position 25.Nxc6 Bxc6 26.Qxc6 Qe5+- 25.Nxe6! black position is completely destroy 25...Qe5 25...Bxe6 26.Qxe7 the queen attack the rook and bishop
Simultaneously . If 26...Rxd1 27.Qxe6+ Kh8 28.Rxd1 winning 26.Bxd7 Rxd7 27.Rxd7

And Fritz announce maximum mate in 8 move ! Check it yourself. 27.Rxd7 Qc5 28.Rxe7 Qg1+ 29.Kxg1 Kh8 30.Rxf6 b3 31.Rf8# 1–0

Below are the game replayer:-

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