Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DATMO 2008 - Day 3

Today i came late to the tournament and found that all the games have already finish. Heavy traffic jammed and raining in KL this evening certainly didn't help. However, thanks to my friend Zambri Sharif and gilachess team, i managed to get IM Mas Hafizul game for round 5 and the complete games of round 3 and 4.

There's a small incident happen in round 5. Photo right shows that Hasian Panggabean ( black jacket) - Mashafizul 5th round opponent is waiting for the arbiter to check his draw claim. According to Zambri who came and watch the incident, Hasian claim a 50 move rules draw. The 50 move rule is when neither side moves a pawn nor captures a piece then the game is declared a draw. The game eventually ended in a draw probably because Mas overstep the 50 move rules.

The game below were Analyze by Zambri, Hairulov, Fritz and Rybka :)

Hasian Panggabean (2254) – IM Mas Hafizul Hilmi (2386)

(Round 5), 20.08.2008, DATMO 2008

Referring to Fundamental Chess Endings by GM Karsten Muller and IM Frank Lamprchet, although the rook+knight against rook were generally drawn, this endings is worth playing on if the defending king is confined near the edge. Indeed if it should happen to be in the corner, the winning chances are high.

1.Kb1 Now its Mas turn. Unfortunately at this particular position my friends Zambri Syarif couldn't wait anymore and have to rush for his lunch :) However he did later analyze with Rybka and found that Black should win after 1...Rb2+ 2.Kc1 (2.Ka1 Nc2#) 2...Rg2!! 3.Kb1 [3.Kd1 Rd2+ 4.Ke1 (4.Kc1 Nb3+ 5.Kb1 Rb2#) 4...Nc2#] 3...Kb3!! 4.Kc1 [4.Re1 Ne2 5.Rh1 Nc3+ 6.Kc1 (6.Ka1 Ra2#) 6...Rc2#; 4.Rh1 Ne2 5.Rh3+ Nc3++-] 4...Ne2+ 5.Kd2 5.Kd1 Nc3+ 6.Kc1 (6.Ke1 Re2#) 6...Rc2#; 5.Kb1 Nc3+ 6.Ka1 Ra2# 5...Ng3++- checkmate 1/2-1/2 However, the game ended in a draw probably because Mas overstep the 50 move rules.

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