Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Russian Championship Superfinal

Svidler -Rychagov
Round 1 Russian Superfinal

Svidler playing snooker an cricket

(men and women) is being held from 17-30 December. This years line up is stronger then last year. Big gun like Russian Championship Super finalSvidler(photo left) and Morozevich played in this edition but both especially Svidler(2732) , experienced bad start by losing points to the underdogs Rychagov, (2528) - who the hell is this guys? (look photo right). I think Peter Svidler (a cricket and billiard lover, a goal keeper plus good English speaking) is playing too much this year and lost concentration in his 1st game.

Svidler,P (2732) - Rychagov,A (2528)
60th ch-RUS Superfinal Moscow RUS (1), 18.12.2007

Position after move 31. Svidler a pawn down and have already in difficult position. He continued with a desperate measure

32.Rxe4!? [32.Nc3 Rd4+ 33.Kb3 Ke5 Threatening ...f5 later] 32...cxb5+ 33.Kxb5 Rd2 34.Kb6 Rb2 35.g4 h6 36.h4 Rb1 37.Ka7 [37.Kxb7?? the pawn must be left alone, otherwise White will be punished 37...Nxc5+ 38.Kb6 Nxe4–+] 37...Rb3 38.Kb6 Rb2 39.Ka7 Rb3 40.Kb6 Rb1 Twofold repetition 41.Ka7 Nd8 [41...Rb3?= Will lead to threefold repetition-draw which is something Rychagov should avoid.] 42.Kb6 Nc6 43.b5 Ne5 44.Rd4 Ke6 45.Rd6+ Ke7 46.Rxh6 Nd7+ 47.Ka5 Nxc5 48.Rb6? [48.g5–+] 48...Rg1 49.g5 [49.Kb4 is not much help 49...Nd7 50.Rxb7 Rxg4+ 51.Ka5 Rxh4–+] 49...Rg4 50.Rh6 Nd7 0.00/0 51.Rh7 [; ] 51...Kd6 [51...Kd6 52.Rxf7 b6+ 53.Ka6 Kc7 creating a mating attack with ...Ra4 to follow 54.Rxd7+ Kxd7 55.Kxb6 Kd6–+] 0-1

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