Thursday, December 20, 2007

Singapore Master 2007 (round 6 and 7)

IM Mashafizul draw his game against Chinese none title player-Wang Li (2318) in round 6. Meanwhile in the same round, FM Lim Yee Weng lost to Indonesian WIM Irine Kharisma Sukandar.

Georgian GM Zurab Azmaiparashivili is still leading with 5.5 points after 6 th round. Only Philipines IM Julio Catalino Saddora managed to draw with Zurab in the 6th round.

IM Mas will meet Philipines IM Jayson Gonzales(2454) (photo right) and Yee Weng meet Singaporean, Timothy Chan (2231) in round 7.

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