Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Chess Passion

Since I first create my own chess blog (April 2006), my interest have shift from playing chess to writing chess article. My passion of playing chess and destroying my opponent ego’s has almost disappear. That explain why I seldom play in chess tournaments anymore. My last chess tournaments was Putrajaya Chess Communty Championship in the middle of 2007. I manage to be the runner up (equal points with the Champion but he got a better tie-break) . Actually I played on that tournaments because it was held near to my house. The other tournaments that I participated was the MERDEKA Team Rapid 2007 and that mainly because it is a opportunity to play with all my close friends (Rizal, Irwan,Aziz, Rusdi) and club members of NUSA MAHKOTA Chess Club. We have played together for almost ten years.

Another interesting points about writing chess articles is if you can produced an interesting articles, you can attract crowd all over the world. For me the greatest satisfaction
is when your article were enjoy by chess fan all over the world as shown in my chess blog sitemeter statistic (photo above) on 17th December 2007 .


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