Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pengiran Mohd Omar Ak Hirawan in Liverpool 800th Anniversary International Open

Pengiran Mohd Omar Ak Hirawan photo right from Brunei is particating at Liverpool 800th Anniversary International Open, a 9 round Swiss held at St Georges Hall, Concert Room from monday 3rd September to Sunday 9th September 2007. It was held parallel with the Summit Chess Match UK versus China.

In the 1st round, Pg Mohd Omar surprisingly held seeded player GM Danny Gormally (FIDE 2509) from England photo left . Some of you already known about Gormaly or you can find it at my previous article here here and here
But in the second round he fail to repeat the early performance and lost to GM Normandus Miezis(FIDE 2524) from Lithunia.

In the 3rd round he will face Tony Blades from England.

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