I am simply a chess maniac. Surprisingly it didn't prevent  Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) to  appoint me as one of their committee member for the 2010-2013 term. . I hope i will give  good contribution  to the organization and Malaysian chess as a whole. Having said that, i can assure you that i will still contribute... be it in MCF or not. UPDATE : for the 2013-2015 term,  i was appointed as the MCF Auditor.

Although i'm not actively playing in tournament chess anymore, i still get myself up to date with local and international chess development.

I'm not a "full time" blogger which means that i didn't rely on this blog for my living , however i did spend most of my free time blogging...at least a post a day. Chess blogging aside, I do have a full time job (although most people think bloggers don't) and I'm based in Selangor.

If you have something to share in this blog, feel free to email me at hairulov@gmail.com.

My writing style and presentation is quite mix. Sometime formal....and usually i love to write in informal way.

I don't go for quantity but quality article/post and i always welcome feed backs from readers.

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Hairulov (not my real name though)