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DATCC Warrior Rapid Chess Weekend

DATCC Warrior Rapid Chess Weekend
22nd May 2011 (Sunday)
(A National Rated Event)

The return of the DATCC Rapid Chess Weekender series for 2011 is happening in May. Mark your calendar for 22nd May 2011 as DATCC will once again be organizing the third edition of our 2011 Weekender series, the DATCC Warrior Rapid Chess Weekend on 22nd May (Sunday).

With ADDED PRIZE FUND – simply means more money for the winner, and ADDED PRIZES (now its up to 10th placing), this weekend event is open to all chess players of various playing strength. Other prizes offered includes prizes for junior players, best female player, unrated player, veteran and players rated below 1600 and 1400. PRIMARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL students playing in this event will receive a Certificate of Participation provided registration/payment is made before 20th May 2011.

Time Control is 25 minutes per player per game (to finish)
Tournament Format used is 7 Round Swiss System Pairing

Schedule of Rounds

22nd May 2011
Round 4
Round 1
Round 5
Round 2
Round 6
Round 3
Round 7
1:00pm – 2:00om
Lunch Break
Prize Giving

Prize Money
Champion        : RM 350 (Increased)             .Best Lady        : RM 40 (Provided 3 or more players playing)
Runner Up        : RM 180 (Increased)             .Best U-12        : RM 40 (Provided 3 or more players playing)
Third                : RM 120 (Increased)             .Best Veteran   : RM 40 (Provided 3 or more players playing)
4th                    : RM 90            (Increased)               .Best Unrated   : RM 40 (Provided 3 or more players playing)
5th                       : RM 50                                                .National Rating below 1600            National Rating below 1400
6th                    : RM 50                                                .Best Player      : RM 40                        .Best Player      : RM 40
7th to 10th       : RM 40 (Newly added!!!)      .2nd Best           : RM 30                        .2nd Best           : RM 30

Tie break used (Slight changes for the 3rd Tie Break)
1. Bucholz with variable [37]
(1) For Best and Weakest game dropped are counted as "0", (2) For not played games (forfeit, bye, etc) is "compute with real points", (3) For adding own points is "No", (4) For dropped players is counted as "No points (for all rounds)"
2. SB with variable [52]
- variables are the same as above
3. Cumulative
- Players’ progressive score from Round 1 to Round 7

Entry Fees
The entry fee for the event is now set as RM 30 (For all players) and RM 20 (for U-12). In order to facilitate and encourage efficiency and punctuality, a RM5 penalty shall be imposed if registration is made on the event day itself.
Note: Maverick Series Champion (Madjidov Jasur) and Best Lady (Nur Nabila Azman Hisham) are invited to return and defend their title for free!

For online payment, please deposit payment into CS SOLUTIONS account (CIMB Account 1410-0000234-10-2)

Inquiries and Registration
Please contact Najib Wahab at +60163382542 or email, or visit our DATCC website at

Download the entry form here

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