Monday, November 16, 2015

Ismail Ahmad beat "The Unknown Slasher" at World Senior 2015

Malaysian sole representative - FM Ismail Ahmad is having a good time at the World Senior ( 50+) 2015, Italy  ( 10th-21st Nov). After 6 round,  Ismail has scored 3.5 points  against a series of title players ( 2 GMs, 2 IMs, and two untitled player).

His latest victim is a GM from Russia - GM Malinin Vasilly . The Russian GM is quite famous on youtube and was called the unknown "slasher" on one of article.


FM Ismail Ahmad at World Senior 2015 (photos from Ismail's fb)

Below is Ismail's victory against the unknown "slasher" ....

Detail results is here


abdooss said...

Syabas Sarjan! Malaysia BOLEH !

Unknown said...

terbaik dan tahniah

Faizal Mat Arifin said...

Tahniah. Bangga...

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