Sunday, September 09, 2012

Malaysia finish on high note in 2012 Istanbul Olympiad!

FM Lim Zhuo Ren reading FB messages!? after he secured the IM norm in the last round win. Photo from IM Jimmy Liew's FB
Open Section

Malaysia Men (seeded  86th) team finish on 64th place from 157 country in the Open Section of 2012 Olympiad, Istanbul. They scored  12 match points ( 5 win, 2 draw and 4 lost),  24 game points (54.5%) which is a record for Malaysia. The previous record in term of game points percentage is 52.7% at Dubai Olympiad 1986.

 Among ASEAN countries, our men team is 4th behind Vietnam (7th), Philippines  (21st).and Singapore (59th). We create history by finishing above Indonesia (73th) for the first time in the history of Olympiad.

Women Section

The women team (seeded 66) lost their last round match against Estonia 1-3 to finish on 61st place from 127 country. They scored  11 match points ( 5 win, 1 draw and 5 lost),  22 game points(50%).

Among ASEAN countries, our women team is 4th behind Indonesia (24th), Vietnam (26th)and Philippines  (43rd).

In term of title acheivement, this edition is probably the most succesfull one because we get three titles plus a norm:-

(i) Lim Zhuo Ren  get  FIDE Master (FM) title + International Master (IM) norm;

(ii) Camilia Johari get Women FIDE Master (WFM) title; and

(iii) Tan Li Ting get Women Candidate Master (WCM) title.

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Malaysia Boleh!

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