Monday, September 10, 2012

Malaysia finish on 64th place in both 2000 and 2012 Istanbul Olympiad!?

I found an interesting fact. Istanbul have host the chess Olympiad two time, in 2000 (34th Chess Olympiad) and 2012 (40th Chess Olympiad). Malaysia have finish in the same place - 64  in both edition.  64  is also the number of squares on a chessboard!


chess novice said...

that simply shows in 12 years since 2000 our standard has gone nowhere.
at least in this olynpiad Jimmy captaincy has helped some players get titles and norms. this simply shows the old players are doing everything possible to raise the standard of chess. So it the responsibility of younger players to take up the challenge and create some good impressions
in tromso and baku in the coming olympiads.

best wishes to LIM ZHUO REN and Yeoh Li Tian in the coming olympiads and really hope no one meddle in the selection process so these youngsters can go all the way with politic out of the way

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

I beg to differ. In 2000 Olympiad there are only 126 teams where as in 2012 there are 157 teams .

In 2000 we did not achieve any norms/title but in 2012 we got 3 titles (FM, WFM and WCM) + 1 IM norms.