Friday, June 29, 2012

Kirsan did it..yet again !?!

Kirsan meet  Syria's Minister of Education - Dr Saleh Al Rashed

FIDE President - Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visited Syria on 14th June for a working meeting with Dr. Saleh Al Rashed, Minister of Education of Syria. According to FIDE website , the parties discussed questions on the implementation of chess in the school curriculum of the country and on the final text of agreement on cooperation between FIDE, the Ministry of Education of the Syrian Arab Republic and Syrian Arab Chess Federation.
Kirsan at a chess club of Damascus (Al Muhafazah). Photo from FIDE website

As we know, The Syrian uprising, is an ongoing, violent internal conflict in Syria. It began last year with public demonstrations as part of the wider Arab Spring and developed into a nationwide uprising. Protesters demanded the end to nearly five decades of Ba’ath Party rule, which was then and currently headed by President Bashar al-Assad. Protesters called for political reforms and the re-in statement of civil rights.  The European Union and US have announced sanctions against Syria.

That didn't stop FIDE President - Kirsan to visit Syria . Chess community know that he has a 'habit' of visiting  persona non grata leaders in the past. His list of famous 'persona nan grata working visit' include Saddam Hussein and Muaamar Gadaffi but this time it seems that he didn't manage to meet  Syrian President - Bashar al-Assa.

Probably  Bashar afraid that he will suffer the same fate like Saddam and Muaamar !?

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