Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My Game @ DATCC

Yesterday I played a game against Petronas Seahorse at board two with Ahmad Farhan. The game was very interesting despite of a few inaccuracies from both sides. We reached a position below on move 45.Qc1

Black is winning here and I have found the first good move but failed to find the second and the winning move. Can you spot it?

Ahmad Farhan (Sea Horse Petronas) vs Mohd Zambri (17chess club)

.... Posted by Luth Mikael


Captain Planet said...

1...Ne3+ 2 Kg1 Rf2 (kemudian Rf1 mate atau capture Queen)

how i love all luth mikael puzzle

Mohd Zambri said...

The answer is 1..Rc2
The Rook is taboo and cannot be taken. Wherever the Queen moves, Black plays Bh2 and win in every variation!

YTC said...

Rc2. After probably Qb1, black force by playing Bh2 threatened checkmate with Knight. White have to playe Be2 and Black will win the Bishop after few moves

Indera said...

what if 1. Rc2.. Qxc2! 2. Ne3+ Kf2
3.Nxc2 g3! ..and white will trap the Bishop and the Pass A pawn look very dangerous for Black!

Indera said...

Sorry, i was wrong,., the Bishop is still at Bg3.. forget bout it..
Rc2 is winning then

Indera said...

1.Rc2 Qb1
2. Bh2 Qxc2
3. Ne3+ Kf2
4.g3.. trapping.. yeah..but the position is unclear but i prefer Black.. maybe A pawn look dangerous.. but i think Black would be okay.