Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday morning - Strategy

In this position black has no real weaknesses. How do you proceed? Find a plan for white


There are two good moves here..
1st Method 1.f6

I think this is the most principle continuation. It clears the seventh rank for the white's rook and attacking the most obvious weakness in the black's camp g7.

There is nothing much that black can do other than 1..gxf6 and after 2.gxf6! black is force to take the pawn with the Knight leaving the square c7 unprotected. The white's Rook goes to c7 and later capture black's Bishop by force. The endgame is now in white's favor. The sample line is 1.f6 gxf6 2.gxf6 Nxf6 3.Rc7 Ne4 4.Rc8+ Kg7 5.Bf8+ Kxg6 6.RxB +-

Another good plan for white as highlighted by IM Jimmy Liew is 1.Bf8! (with the same idea attacking g7) Kxf8 2.Rh8+ Ke7 3.Rxa8

Black is loosing his grip on g7 which cost him the game as 3..Nd8 is well met by 4.f6+

See you next time.
... Luth Mikael

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