Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Chess ballad in e.lab Utusan Malaysia!

Utusan Malaysia publish an interesting article today about ballad. Ballad is a form of verse, often narrative set to music. Utusan shows a ballad of chess as an example.

Below is excerpt from the ballad of chess.

The BALLAD OF CHESS tells us the story of how a game of chess is played.

It is a game
Of strategy and skill,
Fight all the kinsmen,
As 'king' rivals 'kings.'

A game on the sixty-four
Black-and white equal squares

The ballad is written by Tsira Gogeshvil

To read the full article, get today's  Utusan Malaysia newspaper and turn to the newspaper insert - e.lab ( english laboratory), page 9 . Alternatively you can read for free at PoemHunter.com

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