Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daniel - Nam (Vietnam) Tour of Duty

Daniel Iskandar. Photo from Gilocatur's blog
Ok, i admit that i'm too carried away with the title but many local fans may have missed that one of our junior player - Danial Iskandar participated at the 1st HDBank Cup Chess Tournament 2011 in Vietnam early this year.

The tournament saw top Vietnamese players like  Le Quang Liem, Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and Cao Sang plus strong GMs and other titles players  from China and Philippines.

Daniel  is the only Malaysian player in the tournament. Playing against the top dogs, he finished last but he did  gained a point by beating  South African player -. Francois Wolfaardt (photo left). Some of you may know Francois, who  is a frequent visitor in our  local tourneys.

1st HDBank Cup official webite

Francois Wolfardt  - Daniel Adam Iskandar
HD Bank Cup Open, Round 9,  9.1.2011

Analysed by Centaur (Hairulov+Fritz)

1. b3 Bird Opening ( correction - it actually called - Nimzowich-Larsen Attack - thanks to Jimmy Liew who noticed it)  1... b6  2. Bb2 Bb7 3. Nf3 Nf6 Black choose to copy white setup. A good idea if you didn' t familiar with a particular opening. Just play symmetrically because usually it would lead to an equal position. Of course you should not copy yours opponent move until the end! 

4. c4 e6 5. Nc3 c5 6. e3 Qc7 Fritz opening book suggest  6... Nc6 and 6... Be7

7. Nb5 Qc6 8. Be5 d6 9. Bxf6 gxf6

Black doesn't mind doubling his f-pawn because he got the bishop pairs. The open g -file is also good for black's rook.

10. d4 a6 11. Nc3  Probably better is 11. d5

11... Nd7 12. d5 Qc7 13. e4 Bg7 14. Qd2 O-O-O 15. Be2 Ne5 16. Nh4 ?!  I didn't like this move. The knight is looks off side in the kingside.

16...h5 17. f4 Nd7 Black doesn't have to move the knight at the moment because he can put pressure on white's queen by pinning white's f4 pawn with 17...Bh6.

18. O-O-O Nf8 I'm not sure about this plan. Black's knight is heading to Ng6 but actually black can save two tempo if he played it on move 17th. Having said that, i think black should not bother to exchange white's knight on h4 who is in offside position.

19. Kb1 Qe7 20. g3 Ng6 21. Na4?! Better is 21. Nxg6 fxg6 22. dxe6 Qxe6 23. Nd5 21... Kc7 22. Bf3?! Again 22. Nxg6  is the correct move. 22...fxg6 23. Bf3

22... Nxh4  23. gxh4 f5!

Black open the deadly diagonal a1-h8 for his bishop and queen.

24. exf5 Qf6 25. Nb2 Qxf5+ 26. Nd3 Qf6 27. Qb2 Qxb2+ 28. Nxb2 Bxb2? Black should not trade his dark square bishop. He should used his double bishop advantage in the endgame. He can also use it against white's hopeless pawn on h4. 28... Rde8 Is the correct move. Threatening to open and conquer the e-file and if  29. Rhg1 Bf6

29. Kxb2 exd5 30. Bxd5 Bxd5 31. Rxd5  A double rook endgame occurred

31...Rde8 32. Rf5?  32. Rhd1 doubling and attacking the d6 pawn is the correct move

32... Re7  32... Re2+ Is a better idea. Black should have not worry about giving the f7 pawn because his idea of dominating white's 7th rank with his rooks is more deadly. 33. Kb1  Rg8! 34. Rxf7+ Kc6 35. Rf6 Rd2 First black prevent white to double attack the d6 pawn with Rd1. After that he can double on 7th rank with Rgg2!

33. Rg1 Re2+  34. Kb1 Rxh2 35. Rxf7+ Kc6 36. Rgg7 b5  36... Rc8 is  much better 37. f5

37. Rc7+ ?  White would have a better chance if he choose 37. Ra7 for e.g. 37...bxc4 (37... Kb6 38. Rgb7+ Kc6 Of course not (38... Ka5?? 39. Rxb5#) 39. Rc7+ Kb6 40. Rcb7+ Kc6 ) 38. Rxa6+ Kd5 39. Rg5+ Ke4 40. Rxd6 cxb3

37... Kb6  38. Rb7+ Ka5 39. f5 Re8  Black can trade one of his rook with 39... Rf8 40. Rbf7 Rxf7 41. Rxf7 bxc4 42. bxc4 Rxh4 With a clear winning advantage.

 40. Rge7 Rxe7 41. Rxe7 Rxh4 42.cxb5 axb5 43. f6 43. Rd7 Rf4 44. Rxd6 Rxf5

43... Rf4  Rook belong behind passed pawn!

44. f7 h4 45. Rd7 White can try a cheapo with 45. Re4 but black can avoid the trick with 45...Rf1+ ( Of course not 45... Rxe4?? 46.f8=Q) 46. Kb2 Rf2+ 47. Kb1 h3

45... h3 45... Kb4 and the rest is a matter of technique  46. Kb2 Rf2+ 47. Kc1 h3

46. Rxd6 Rxf7 47. Rd1 shortens the misery for White. More stubborn is 47. Rh6 Rf1+ 48. Kc2 Rf2+ 49. Kc3 Rf3+

 47... Rf2 48. Rh1 h2

The end is near. 49. a3 Rg2 50. Rxh2 Rxh2 0-1 Nice game Daniel!


Jimmy Liew said...

This is not Bird Opening

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Oh thanks Jimmy, i've check it, it actually called Nimzovich-Larsen Attack. Thanks again.