Saturday, October 30, 2010

World Youth - Round 10 results and round 11 pairing

Our youth players continue their fine form in round 10 last night. The boys produced a stunning results - 6 points out of 8. They are unbeaten with 4  win and the rest 4 players draw.

The girls however couldn't continue their excellent results from the previous round. They score 3.5 points out of 6 but the good news is our best hope - Puteri Rifqah Farhada Azhar (under 8 girls) draw against a  strong rated player - Arnash Bauyrzhan (1899) from Kazakhstan. With 7 points going into the penultimate round (round 11), Puteri is paired against Dharewa Khushi (1559) from India. From my  calculation, the top 5 placing is already out of reach but if she win, Puteri (photo left above) will finish in top ten and if she draw or lost, she will probably finish in top 20.

In the boy section, Wong Yinn Long (photo right above) is our best performer with 6.5 points from 10. The top 6 placing  in the final standing is out of reach but if  he win in the penultimate round, there is a  chance for him to finish in top 10.

All the best for all the players. Malaysia Boleh!

Round  10 Results (29.10.2010)

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Open (boys) performance
In round 10, Our boys score 6 points out of 8 games = 75%.

Girls performance
In round 10, Our girls score 3.5 points out of 6 games = 58.3%.

Round 10 ( both category performance)
In round 10, our players score 9.5 points out of 14 games = 67.9 %.

After round 10, our boys players score 41 points out of 80 games = 51.25 %.

After round 10, our girls players score 32.5 points out of 60 games = 54.2 %.

After round 9, both our boys and girls score 73.5/140 games = 52.5 %

Round 11 Pairings (30.10.10)

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