Friday, May 07, 2010

DGT Board at DATCC

A DGT board was used during the 6th round of the 3rd DATCC Team last Wednesday. The round 6 game which was shown in the screen  is the game between Yeoh Li Tian and  Zach Han.

DGT Electronic Chessboard is a chessboards that  auto senses moves and interfaces to chess clock and computers.The moves and postion from the board can  be shown to a screen using a projector.

I was inform that the DGT boards  belong to Kwai Keong Chan ( K.K.Chan) .I`m not sure whether the  electronic board will be a permanent asset at DATCC but i think it would be a nice thing to have especially for  matches such as the Malaysian Master. It would also be a brilliant tools for chess training purposes.

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