Monday, May 10, 2010

Anand -Topalov Game 11 - draw

Game 11 of Anand-Topalov last night ended in a draw. Anand surprised everybody by playing 1.c5 on the first move and the game soon develop into an English Opening : Reverse Sicilian set-up (1.c4 e5). I was expecting Anand to unleash something special from the opening ...perhaps a strong novelty coming but it seems that Anand had nothing special to show and Topalov slowly but steadily equalized.

Viswanathan Anand- Veselin Topalov
World Championship Final, Game 11, 9th May 2010

Position after black 49th move 

After black  49th move (diagram above), Anand was a pawn down and Topalov had a two scary connected passed pawn on the queen side ( a + b) against Anand two vs one (f+g vs f)  on the king side . At this time i was watching Chelsea lift the EPL trophy after trouncing  Wigan 8-0 and i think Topalov will also have the same luck as Chelsea but Anand had different idea. The tiger from Madras make used of all his piece and pawns left to set a strong attack against Topalov`s lonely king, and in the end, Topalov far advanced passed pawn on the queen side can`t stop Anand from giving a perpetual on Topalov`s king and  the player agreed to split the point.

In the last game tomorrow which will be held on Tuesday, Topalov had the  advantage of the white pieces and i think he will go extra all out to win the game and avoid the rapid and blitz tie break which Anand is well known as an expert.

Below is the 11th game:-

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