Thursday, May 06, 2010


The last game to finish last night is the game between board 3 players - Amitpal Singh (KAM MAH) vs Kaushal Khandahar (Excell). Below is the position arise in the end of the game.

Amitpal Singh (KAM MAH) - Kaushal Khandahar (Excell Team)
3rd DATCC Team, Round 6, 5.5.2010

Black to move

Kaushal is in time trouble. He got about 3 minutes left compare to Amitpal about 6 minutes. However Kaushal is a pawn up and his winning advantage is his passed c-pawn which is supported by his rook. 

1... h5+ During the game, i thought of the move 1... Rc6!? The idea is the rook protect black`s c, g and h pawn from c6 and black`s king move forward to escort his passed c-pawn. for e.g 2.h5 gxh5+ 3. Kxh5 Ke7 4. Kg4 Kd6 5. Kf5 Rc8 6. Kf6

(i) 6. g3 Rf8+ 7. Kg6 Kc5 8. Kxh6 Kd4 9. Rc1 c3 with a winning advantage for black

(ii) 6. Kg6 Kc5 7. Kxh6 Kd4 8. Rc1 c3 winning

6... Kc5 7. Kxe5 Re8+ 8. Kf5 Kd4 9. Rc1 c3 winning  2. Kg5 2. Kf3  is another idea to prevent black`s king from penetrating white territory. Kf6 3. Ke3 g5 4. g3 gxh4 5.gxh4 2... Kg7 3. g3 Rc7 3... Rc6 !?  again i think the idea of Rc6 still work for e.g . 4. g4 hxg4 5. Kxg4 Kf7 6. h5 gxh5+ 7. Kxh5 Ke6 8. Kg5 Kd6 9. Kf5 Rc5 4. g4 hxg4 5. Kxg4 Kh6 6. Kh3 Kh5 7. Kg3 Rc8 8. Kh3 Rc6  9. Kg3 g5 Black`s have to find a way to penetrate white territory with his king  10.hxg5 Kxg5 11. Kf3 Kh4 12. Ke3 12. Rc1 and check black kings is easier way to draw for e.g 12...c3 13.Rh1+ Kg5 14.Rg1+ Kf6 15.Ke3 c2 16.Kd2 and draw  12... Kg3 13. Rc1 c3 14. Kd3  Easier method to draw is 14. Rg1+ Kh2 15. Rc1 14... Kf2 15. Kc2?? White should maintain his king on d3 with  15. Rh1 c2 16. Rc1 Rd6+ 17. Kxc2 Rc6+ 18. Kd1 Rxc1+ 19. Kxc1 Ke3 20. Kd1 Kxe4 21. Ke2

(ii) 15. Rxc3 ?? would be a blunder after 15...Rxc3+ 16. Kxc3 Ke3 17. Kc2 Kxe4 18. Kd2 Kf3 and black secure the key square and will queen. 15... Ke3.....1/2-1/2. 

Unfortunately i missed the remaining moves but  i was surprised the game ended in a draw because black`s is winning. E.g 16. Re1+ Kd4 17. Re2 Rb6 18. Re1 Rb2+ 19. Kc1 Rf2 winning.

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