Tuesday, April 06, 2010

To attack or to defend?

Which side do you prefer? This is more or less a psychological factor. Is it true that it is easier to attack than to defend? Many of us especially chess players believe that it is real hard to defend simply because you are at the defensive side. Your reply must be accurate and response accordingly to the attacker's threat. Moreover it also requires patience with iron nerves.

On the other hand, the attacker enjoys more fun, creative thinking, forcing people to make force move, showing no mercy, sacrifice, beautiful combination, create immortal game of their own, etc. Aren't these what we love to do? What makes Genghis Khan found it easier to attack anyway?

On the contrary in Nusantara, interestingly Silat is an art of defense. In Silat, the defender can clearly see the attacker’s strategy, and respond accordingly and off course if you have learned Silat it is more fun to defend than to attack. Look at the picture below and interpret it yourselves.

Cool enough huh? Let's move on. Upon witnessing the historic battle, ancient military strategist had developed what is known in the modern world and in chess world too as "The art of counter attack". The art was further refine by Sun Tzu the originator of the no longer secret for many decades "The art of war". This was a major breakthrough which means that if the initial onslaught can be withstood, the defender can turn the table by exploiting the aggressors weaknesses. The key of successful counter attack is to stay calm, flexible in planning and to kill when your opponent gets exhausted and irritated.

Do you aware that many battles in historic wars are won by the defenders? Go google it and find the answer.

Presented to you by Luth Mikael.

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hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Attack is the best form of defense !