Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chess News in NSTP !

News Straits Times publish an article about the recently concluded - Johor Bahru Chessmaster Challange  which was held on the 27th-28th March 2010 at the  Johor Baru Municipal Council Indoor Stadium . The tournament was organised by the council with the cooperation of the Johor Baru Chess Association.

The article also mentioned about the success of the famous Azman Hisham`s family. Azman is the father of country top women chess players  - WFM Najiha and WCM Nabila .  Azman`s  son - Nabil  and Najwan is also a  promising young players.

However an intersting thing that caught my eye is  Azman was once  choose to play in Belgium Olympiad 2003 as mention in the article-

....`Azman Hisham was among those chosen to represent the Malaysian team to the Belgium Chess Olympiad in 1993, but he had to choose between marrying the love of his life or the game.
He, however, decided to marry his sweetheart and skipped the tournament.`.....

Azman and his wife Zazaluma  surely will  not regret about their decision because their  daughters  has represent Malaysian in several tournament abroad and his son (Nabil) has also won quite a number of local tournaments.

However i guess the reporter should check  about the 1993 Belgium Chess Olympiad because as far as i know,  there`s no Chess Olympiad held in 1993 and Belgium has never host the Olympiad before. (probably wikipedia can help)

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Source : NST Online

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