Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ian Udani vs Yeoh Li Tian

In the board 2  clash between Team AU and Think Big,   Ian Udani (Team AU) misplayed a totally winning position against local wonderkid - Yeoh Li Tian .
Ian Udani (left) vs Yeoh Li Tian

Ian Udani (2286) vs Yeoh Li Tian (1973)
3rd DATCC Team Event, round 3, 14.4.2010

Unfortunately i can`t remember the previous moves but believe me, Ian was totally winning. However the 11 years old kid - Li Tian show a nerve of steel by playing  stubborn defense. 1. Kg6  if 1. Kg7 Rg4+ 2. Kf7 Rh4  1... Rg4+ 2. Kf6  

probably Ian only calculated 2.Kh6 Rh4+ ?? 3. Nh5    

blocking the check and queen the h-pawn but he forgot that black have a nasty check with 2... Rxg3!

 which turn the table completely after 3.h8=Q Rh3+ 4. Kg7 Rxh8 5.  

Kxh8 Kd2 6. Kg7 Kxe2 7. Kf6 Kxd3 8. Ke5 Ke3 and it`s black who have the last laugh!  2... Rh4 3.Kg7 Rg4+ draw 1/2-1/ 2 

This draw gave Think Big a valuable half points to win the match with 2.5-1.5 against Team AU.

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