Thursday, April 15, 2010

GM Ziaur Rahman- Fadli Zakaria

Team AU made a surprise strategy by fielding Mohd Fadli Zakaria on board 1 against GM Ziaur Rahman (Think Big). The idea behind the strategy is to give  realistic chance for their top horse- Ian Udani to gain points playing on board 2. This is Fadli first appearance in this league.

Below is the  position arise from   GM Ziaur Rahman (Think Big) vs Mohd Fadli Zakaria (Team AU) in the 3rd round of DATCC Team event yesterday. Fadli tried his best against the GM but to no avail.

GM Ziaur Rahman (2558) vs Mohd Fadli Zakaria (2070)
3rd DATCC Team Event, Round 3, 14.4.2010

1. Rf8+ Ke3 1... Kg3 2. Kf1 e3 (2...Rd1+ 3. Ke2 Ra1) 3. b5 2. b5 Rb2 3. b6 Kd3 4. Re8 4. Na5 e3 5. b7 e2 6. Re8Rb1+ 7. Kg2 e1=Q 8. Rxe1 Rxe1 9. b8=Q 4... e3 5. Re7 e2 6. Kf2 1-0

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