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3rd DATCC Team Event - Round 2 Review

The 2nd round of the 3rd DATCC Team Event  was held on 31st March 2010 (Wednesday) at the Dato Arthur Tan Chess Center, Wilayah Kompleks , Kuala Lumpur. The game  start on 7.00 PM.

Round 2 Review

KAM MAH vs Pricewaterhouse Coopers : 2-2

Board 1 : FM Chan Nicholas (2398)  vs   Loo Pak Kwan (1986)  1-0
Board 2 :  IM Liew Chee-Meng-Jimmy (2315) vs  Han Kun Lin Zach (2034)   -+
Board 3 : Che Hassan Abdullah (2101)  vs Cheah Cheok Fung (1988)   0.5-0.5
Board 4 : Leong Mun Wan (2182)  vs  Chew Yaw Chong (1986)  0.5-0.5

According to some players, KAM MAH means golden horse. I`m not really sure about it because i simply can`t find it in the net but what is more important   is the team feature strong players like FM Nicholas Chan , the experience and former Malaysian no.1 -  IM Jimmy Liew, IM Lim Yee Weng and their remaining team members is Amitpal Singh from India,  Abdullah Che Hassan, Nik Ahmad Farouqi and former national player - Leong Mun Wan.

My early prediction is KAM MAH will win with a score like 3.5-0.5 or 3-1 but unfortunately for KAM MAH - IM Jimmy Liew turn up late (he pass  the one hour waiting rule) probably due to  the heavy traffic in KL that day. My team-mate Rizal suffer the same problem  but more on it in Nusa Mahkota  vs Sea Horse review. The   Auditor`s board 3 and 4  ( Cheah Cheok Fung and Chew Yaw Chong) done a great job holding  Abdullah Che Hassan and former national player - Leoung Mun Wan. 

Excel Chess Team vs Think Big  (1.5-2.5)

Board 1 : Lim Zhuo Ren (2055)  vs  GM Rahman Ziaur (2558)  : 0-1

Board 2 :   Khandhar Kaushal (1990) vs  Yeoh Li Tian (1971)  : 0-1
Board 3 :   Tan Ken Wei (1957) vs  Kanagenthiran Premnath (1563)  : 1-0
Board 4 :   Amru Muhd Tariq (2015) vs  NM Yeoh Chin-Seng (2177)  : 0.5-0.5

Kaushal Khandahar (left) and Yeoh Li Tian (right)

Think Big  triumph on top two board - thanks to their strong players spearheaded by  GM Ziaur Rahman and chess wonder kid -  Yeoh Li Tian. The first board game between Lim Zhou Ren and GM Ziaur Rahman was an intersting game and  also the highlight of the round. Zhou Ren  who i believe playing too fast got a promising position in the opening but somehow lost his momentum during the critical position  and the rest is history.  Yeoh Li Tian who took over IM Mok Tze Meng place on board 2 win against Kaushal Khandahar. Kausal probably got `overdrank` with his two bottle of  tropicana fresh orange drink and lost to Li Tian who prefer plain water instead.  Unfortunately for Think Big,  their lower board members  fail to produced the same results  and  only collect 1/2 points .

Team AU vs Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia  : 3-1
Board 1 :  Udani Ian (2286) vs Mohamed Abdul Haq (2057) :   0-1
Board 2 :   Yeap Eng Chiam (2109) vs   Teo Giap Siong (1535) :  1-0
Board 3 :   Ismail Ahmad (2033) vs   Lee Boon Ann : 1-0
Board 4 :  Tham Tick Hong Jax (2076) vs Abdul Halim Umair (1482) :   1-0

Abdul Haq create the upset of the round by beating "heavyweight giant" - Ian Udani. Probably his friendly game against Putrajaya last week was a good warming up practice and pay dividen handsomely. However, the rest of his team members couldn`t produced the same performance and was grown down to a much higher rated opponents which inculde National Junior Master (NJM) Yeap Eng Chiam on board 2, ex-World Police Champion - Ismail Ahmad on board 3, and Jax Tham on board 4.

 Sea Horse vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club : 1.5-2.5
Board 1 : Ibrahim Mohd Irman (2155) vs  Wahiduddin NM Kamalarifin (2122)  : 0-1
Board 2 :  Fadzin Ahmad Farhan 1580 vs   Kamal Rizal Ahmad (2000)  : +-
Board 3 :  Zaini Mohd Razief Hakiem 1552 vs   Abdul Shukor Abdul Aziz (2050)  :  0.5-0.5
Board 4 :  Vinayagam Vinoshen vs   Hamzah Razali (1669)  : 0-1

Rizal Ahmad Kamal was caught in a heavy traffic congestion in KL and arrive at the playing hall a minute after the one hour waiting time rule pass. His opponent use his right to claim the point.  Fortunately, my top board team member- NM Kamal  Ariffin collect a full point after Imran Ibrahim failed to play a correct follow-up after his interesting queen sacrifice in the middlegame. Aziz Shukor who will be going to Indonesia this weekend  for family matters agreed  to split the points with his opponent.

Nusa`s board 3 - Razali Ng6  has a new name -"GilaFIDE" . He play three different FIDE rated tournament in a week - DATCC Team ( Wednesday) , Nf6 Invitational (Thursday) and INSOFAR (Friday). However in round 2, he  produced a heroic performance for our team by stubbornly play a drawish position albeit his time trouble and cash a full point after his opponent crack under pressure.

17 Chess Club vs DATCC  :  3.5-0.5
Board 1 : Shaik Ali Nor Ilhamuddin (2040) vs   Abdul Wahab Najib (1669) : 1-0
Board 2 : Nayan Ahmad Fadzil (1995) vs   Sabri Shamsuddin (1320) : 1-0
Board 3 : Sarifdin Sahir (1965) vs   Che Doi Azman Hisham (1654)  : 1-0
Board 4 :  Ahmad Johari Mohd Firdaus (1512)  vs  Thien Varian (1537) :  0.5-0.5

Ilhamuddin (left) vs Najib Wahab

Ilhamuddin the new kid on the blog  true to his uncompromising style, throw majority of  his pieces over his opponent`s (Najib Wahab)  king and win in style. On board 2, Fadzil Nayan beat my fellow blogger - Sabri Shamsuddin. On board 3 ,  Azman Hashim Che Doi- father of WFM Najiha and WCM Nabila somehow let himself being mated by Sahir in the middlegame. Meanwhile, On board 4 Firdaus split the point with Varian.

Black Pearl vs First Saturday Chess Team :  0.5-3.5
Board 1 : Kamarudin Nor Khairy (1701) vs  Wong Jianwen (1913) : 0-1
Board 2 :   Maarof Aid Farhan (1531) vs  Ajeet Singh Roshan (1870)  0-1
Board 3 : Ramos Ernesto (1502) vs  Yat Guo Jie (1878) : 0.5-0.5
Board 4 :   Stephen Sylvester vs   Tan Wei Hao (1821) :  0-1

Ad-Hoc vs CS Solutions Ladies Team  : 2-2
Board 1 :   Yeap Joo Hock (1484)  vs   Nur Nabila Azman Hisham (1829) :  1-0
Board 2 :   Tengku M Fauzi Tengku A Hamid vs WFM Nur Najiha Hisham (1612) :  0-1
Board 3 : Sikivou Taione (1792) vs   Camilia Bt. Johari (1690) :  1-0
Board 4 : Parimanan Paul (1523) vs   Marmono Roslina (1945) :  0-1

We got another foreigner playing in this league - Sikivou Taione from Fiji. Sikivou  beat Camilia Johari and from my observation on his style of play , it looks like he is an  aggressive player. Probably his a strong rugby player too as Fiji is well-known as a strong rugby nation. Nabila who turn up with a police kind of uniform after school co-curriculum activity  lost surprisingly to Yeap Joo Hock - father of Yap Eng Chiam. I hope  my joke to her before the game ( please don`t bring pistol in this event) did not  affect her.  In Yeap senior  case, his son (Yeap Eng Chiam) must have been proud on his father victory :)

Gung Ho vs Tan & Tan Chess Team  : 3.5-0.5
Gung Ho was keen to amend their lost in previous round and only left a single points for the Tan-Tan Chess Team.

Board 1 : Ting Shih Chieh Alfred (1635)  vs  Chan Kwai Keong (1744) : 0.5-0.5
Board 2 : Adrian Choo Cheng Yong (1542)  vs   R Subramaniam (1583) :  1-0
Board 3 : Mohd Ibrahim Mohd Fayadh (1445)  vs   Tan Mei Sian :  1-0
Board 4 : Rosli Ahmad Afiq Afyfy (1938)  vs   Dato Tan Chin Nam (1387) : 1-0

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