Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool

First of all i would like to  apologies to all my blog readers for  my previous post about  Lim Zhou Ren - GM Ziaur Rahman results. The actual results of the match is GM Ziaur Rahman beat our young and talented player - Zhou Ren - not that easy though.

After posting the post, i received quite a number of sms, comments, shout box shouts and i even got a call from Australia by a Malaysian who is well known for his   generosity towards local  chess development. For all my friends and especially to  GM Ziaur Rahman and Lim Zhou Ren , i have no intention to embarrass you all what so ever but i hope some of you if not all  will enjoy it as another April Fool Jokes :)

Lim Zhou Ren - GM Ziaur Rahman  0-1 

Below is the correct results  :)
Lim Zhou Ren - GM Ziaur Rahman
3rd DATCC Team league, Round 2, 31.3.2010

White to move

18. Rxd7 Bxe3 19. Rxg7 Bh6  20. Rc7 b4

21. Nb1 

?! In the post mortem with Zhou ren, Rizal, Ilham  and Mohd Saprin Sabri, we look on 21. Na4 

!? The idea is to put the knight in a more active square rather then put it 

on the back rank (b1).21... Kd8 (21...O-O 22. Bf1 Na5 23. Nd4) 22. Rf7 Bc1 23. Bf1 b2 24.


It seems that white can still have a good chance to defend the position. ...

21...O-O 22. Nfd2 Bxd2 23. Nxd2 b2 24. Rd7 Rc8 25. Bh3 Ne5 26. Bxe6+ Kh8  0-1 

And white resign because black deadly threat 12...Nf3+ to exchange white`s knight on d2 who is guarding the b1 square for e.g 

12. Rd4 Nf3+ 

13. Nxf3 b1=Q+ 


Jimmy Liew said...

That was not cool and definitely not funny...and no one was fooled

hairulov chessmaniacs said...

Maybe Jimmy...maybe...:)