Saturday, March 13, 2010

Razali Ng6 missed a strong blow...

Razali Ng6 almost produced a shock of the day in his round 3 game against NM Kamal Ariffin at the Nf6 Invitational Tournament held last Thursday. Below is the photo taken during the critical position.....

Razali (left) vs NM Kamal Ariffin

Razali Hamzah - NM Kamal Ariffin
Nf6 Invitational, Round 3, 11.3.2010

White to move

In the game, Razali miss the strong 1. Nxb5! axb5 (1... Bxd2? 2. Nxd6 Bxe1 3. Rxe1  And white is an exchange up - he got a knight and bishop for black rook) 2. c3 Ba5 and white manage to slow down black attack and at the same time his king side pressure look menacing!

I forgot what Razali actually play in the position above but in the end he lost the game.

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