Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chess Puzzle (14) Solution !

Black to move and win !

The answer for puzzle (14) is 1...e2+ and white is force to prevent the e-pawn from queening with 2.Nxe2 then come the excellent waiting move 2...Bb6! actually 2...Bc5! and 2...Be3! is equally winning 3.h4 Bc5! Black brilliantly play the waiting moves with his bishop along the g1-a7 diaganol. The idea is after white has exhausted with his pawns move, he has to move his knight. 4.h5 Bb6 5.Nxf4 5.Ng1 Bxg1 6. Kxg1 Ke3 7. Kg2 Ke2 8. Kg1 Kxf3 and black will swept all black's pawns. 5...gxf4 6. g5 hxg5 7. h6 Bc5 8. h7 Bd4 and black bishop stop white from safely queen his h-pawn .

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