Sunday, December 27, 2009

Blunder Blues from Sibu

Today i received sms from the same person who yesterday sent me his brilliancy . However unlike yesterday's game , today i received a position where the sender- Ismail Ahmad (Kuala Lumpur) blunder heavily against the top seed - NM Ng Tze Han (Penang) in a totally winning position.

Ismail Ahmad - NM Ng Tze Han
Malaysian Interstate, Round 5, 26-12.09
White to move
White is totally winning. He is three pawn up and in a commanding position. The problem is he has less then two minutes left. 1. e7 Qxe7 2.Qxe7? according to Ismail , in time trouble he missed 2. Qg6+! and black can resign after 2... Kf8 3. Ra6! and white's rook joint the attack. Black best try is 3...Rd8+ but he still lose after 4. Kc3 Bd4+ 5. Kb3 Qg7 6. Qf5+ Ke8 and 7. g5 or 7. Re6+ win easily. Actually after the text move- 2.Qxe7, Ismail is still winning, after a couple of moves the players came into the position below with white to move...

White (Ismail) mantain his three pawns advantage and is still clearly winning. However he had less then a minute. According to Ismail 1. Rc6 or 1.g5 followed by 2.Bh5 is simply winning, unfortunately he choose 1.Rh6??
and after 1...f3! White will lost his rook on h6 or his bishop on e2 0-1 Ismail mentioned that the game finish around 12 midnight and he couldn't sleep thinking about the blunder.

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