Monday, December 28, 2009

2nd DATCC Team League Round 8 Preview

Standing after Round 7

1. Team AU 27 points
2. Caviaga 25 points
3. Pricewaterhouse 17.5 points
4. Nusa Mahkota Chess Club 16 points
5. X-Factor 15 points
6. Storm Warriors 10.5 points
7. 17 Chess Club 9.5 points
8. Eon Bank Berhad 9.5 points
9.DATCC 7 points
10. Tan & Tan 2.5 points

Round 8 Preview

EON Bank Berhad vs Nusa Mahkota Chess Club
This match is more important to Nusa's then EON. Nusa Mahkota with Pricewaterhouse and X-Factor is the main contender for the 3rd placing. Pricewater held the advantage with 17.5 points followed by Nusa (16 points) and X- Factor ( 15 points).

The highlight of this match is of course on then top two board where Nusa Mahkota will fight against "former" members in the 1st DATCC League - Norilhamuddin and Aziz Shukor. However both team will fight fairly to earn their points.

Prediction : Nusa Mahkota win 3-1

X-Factor - Storm Warriors
As i mentioned before, X - Factor will try their best to earn maximum points left to fight for the third place . The strenght of the team is of course on the 1st board - IM elect Mok Tze Meng and their 4th board - Lim Zhouren. I think Storm will have chance to get points on board 2 and 3.

Prediction: X-Factor win 2.5-1.5

DATCC vs Tan & Tan

Both team will try their best to avoid to finish in the last place . However DATCC is more or less safe because they are 4.5 points ahead and with Justin Ong playing on board 4, they don't have to worry much.

Prediction: Draw 2-2

17 Chess Club vs Pricewaterhouse

Pricewaterhouse will try to get maximum points to ease their job before meeting the top team - AU in the last round. If they falter in this round, chance are high that Nusa and X-factor will over passed them for the third place. 17's best chance is on their first board - Kamaluddin Yusof.

Prediction: Pricewaterhouse win 3-1

Caviaga vs Team AU
The highlight of the round or perhaps the league!. The results between the top two leader in this round will be crucial to decide the champion of the 2nd League. Although AU has two points advantage over Caviaga, the former has a relatively difficult task compare to Caviaga in the final round where AU will meet Pricewater and Caviaga will have an easy task against the tail ender - Tan & Tan.

Prediction: Draw 2-2

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