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2nd DATCC Team League Round 7 Report

2nd DATCC Team League Round 7 Report
(22nd December 2009)
Tan & Tan vs X- factor : 0.5-3.5

1. IM Lian Ann Tan (2238) vs FM Tze-Meng Mok (2389) : 0-1
2. Chan Mun Fye vs Kumar Sri Shiva 0 : 0.5-0.5
3. Dato' Tan Chin Nam vs Parimanan Paul : 0-1
4. Choo Min Wang vs Lim Zhao Ren : 0-1

The experience team try hard to avoid losing badly against X- factor. Their first board, the experienced Singaporean IM Tan Lian An play an excellent game against IM elect Mok Tze Meng. The 62 years old and six time Singapore National Champion was in total control but unfortunately he made a single but desicive mistake in the final phase of the game due to time trouble. I think Mok was rather fortunate to win the game. In other board, Can Mun Fye manage to save a (half) point for the veterans when he draw against Sri Shiva in board 2.

IM elect Mok Tze Meng (left) vs IM Tan Lian Ann (right)

IM Tan Lian Ann (2238) vs FM Mok Tze Meng (2389)
2nd DATCC League, 22.12.09, Round 7

White to move

White is winning here. His main advantage is his passed b -pawn .1. b7 Re8 2. d6 Stronger is 2.Qa6! Kg7 3.Qb6 Re2+ 4.Kh1 Re1+ 5.Qg1 Re8 6.Qd4+ Kf7 7.Qb4 Rb8 8.Qb6 follow by 9.Qc7 and black's have to sac his rook to stop the b7 pawn from queening 2...Kg6 3. Kh3 h4 4. Qb3??
In severe time trouble white made a desicive mistake by letting black's rook to enter his 7th rank . White should have guard the e2 square by moving his queen to a6 or c4 4... Re2! Now white is losing. Black has set a brilliant mating nett on white's king and he is threatening the desicive Rh2++ checkmate. 5. Qg8+ Kf6 6. Qf8+ Ke5 7. Qg7+ Kd5 and white has to sac his queen to stop mate on h2 0-1

A lucky escape for Mok Tze Meng.

Nusa Mahkota Chess Club vs Caviaga :1-3

1. NM Kamalarifin Wahiduddin (2119) vs IM Lim Yee-Weng (2336) : 0-1
2. Rizal Ahmad Kamal (1995) vs Udani Ian (2279) : 0-1
3. Izz Saifuddin (1971) vs NM Lee Kim Han Edward (2114) : 1-0
4. Zaidan Zulkipli (2007) vs Che Hassan Abdullah (2109) : 0-1

Nusa’s add two new player - Izz Saifuddin and Zaidan Zulkipli to strengthen the team. Izz played a good game on board 3 against NM Edward Lee. He maintain the initiative trough out the game. Edward blunder an exchange in the middle game and had to resign about ten moves later. Nusa's 4th board - Zaidan Zulkipli is having a semester break from his medicine study in Galway, Ireland. Caviaga won on board 1,2 and 4 but Nusa's team is quite happy to get a single point thanks to Izz surprise but highly deserved victory against NM Edward Lee.

Izz Saifuddin (left) beat NM Edward Lee (right)

Izz Saifuddin( 1999) - NM Edward Lee (2111)

2nd DATCC League, Round 7, 22.12.09

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. Nf3 O-O 5. Bf4 d6 6. e3 Nc6 7. Be2 Bf5 8. O-O Ne4 9. Nxe4 Bxe4 10. Nd2 Bf5 11. e4 Bc8 12. d5 e5 13. Be3 Nd4 14. b4 f5 15. f3 a5 16. bxa5 Nxe2+ 17. Qxe2 Rxa5 18. c5 fxe4 19. fxe4 Rxf1+ 20. Qxf1 dxc5 21. Nb3 Ra8 22. Bxc5 b6 23. Be3 Ba6 24. Qc1 Bd3 25. Nd2 Qd6 26. a4 Rf8?! black should not abandond white a4-15 threat. 26... Qb4 is more active 27. Qc3 Be2 28. a5 bxa5 ?

28... Ra8 is nesscary 29. Bc5 Qf6 30. Bxf8 Bxf8 31. Qxa5 Bh6 32. Qc3 stronger is 32. Qxc7 ! 32... Qb6+ 33. Kh1 Be3 34. Re1 Bd4 35. Qb3 Qc5? 35... Bg4 had to be played if black want to prolong the game 36. d6+ Kg7 37. d7 1-0 black resign because he has to surrender his e2 bishop to stop white d-pawn from queening

Izz's father - Mr. Saifuddin (right) playing checkers against Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) Vice President - Mr. Ibrahim Abu Bakar while waiting his son who is playing against NM Edward Lee.

Abdullah (right) prefer to drink Coke to stop water retention in his body system while Zaidan (left) prefer a more healthy one - eating banana. In the end, the Coke prevail :)

Team AU vs 17 Chess Club: 3.5-0.5

1. FM Ooi Chern Ee (2357) vs Kamaluddin Yusof (2177) : 1-0
2. Ibrahim Mohd Irman (2155) vs Sahir Sarifdin : 0.5-0.5
3. Soon Wai Cheong (2057) vs Salleh Akmal : 1-0
4. Tan Ken Wei vs Ahayat Izuddin : 1-0

17 Chess Club manage to salvage a half points against the leader of the tournament- Team AU . Sahir who is playing white on board 2 manage to draw against Irman Ibrahim who play an unusual opening 1.e4 b6 !?. However AU almost lost a full point when their 4th board – Tan Ken Wei blunder a piece early in the opening but Ahayat somehow misplay his position move by move and Ken Wei produced a tremendous turnaround to actually win the game.

1.e4 b6 a trendy opening move for 2010!? Irman Ibrahim (left) vs Sahir (right)

Pricewaterhouse Coopers vs DATCC : 2.5-1.5

1. Thian Loon Ong vs Jun Feng Tan (1801) : 1-0
2. Cheok Fung Cheah (1994) vs Haslindah Ruslan (1705) : 1-0
3. Frankie Lee vs Yat Guo Jie : 0.5-0.5
4. Yaw Chong Chew (2009) vs Justin Ong (2018) : 0-1

DATCC like Nusa’s add a new player – Justin Ong and the move proved a success when he beat Chew Yaw Chong on board 4. The DATCC 4th board Yat Guo Jie held Frankie Lee to a draw but the auditors manage to win by a small margin thanks to their top two board who collected the full points.

Justin Ong (right) in action against Chew Yaw Chong

Eon Bank Berhad vs Stormwarriors : 2-2

1. Zulkifli Muhd Syazwan (1944) vs Nor Ilhamuddin Shaik Ali (2044) : 0.5-0.5
2. Lee Boon Why vs Abdul Aziz Abdul Shukor (2012) : 0.5-0.5
3. Chin Kenneth Luoong Wee vs Prabha Rajendran : 0-1
4. Mohamad Radzi Ahmad Firdaus vs Tan Chee Hock : 1-0

EON tied the UM students team to a draw thanks to their 3rd board Prabha win against Keneth Luoong . The banker were a little unlucky that the score was not 2.5-1.5 in their favour because their 2nd board- Aziz Shukor was completely winning but somehow he couldn't convert his winning advantage into a full points .

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