Friday, October 02, 2009

Blitz Tips

Tomorrow DATCC will organised a Hari Raya Open House Blitz Tournament . Below is a blitz tips i republish from my past article .

Blitz Tips

1) always monitor your clock so that you can avoid losing on time and if the situation becomes appropriate; you can play for a win on the clock.

2) Stay calm and relaxed whenever possible. In some ways five minutes is a long time. and remember that the game in its entirety can last up to ten minutes.

3) play your normal style.

4) Practising faster time controls can help you with slower time controls. So if you play a lot of 1 0 this will improve your time scramble play in 5 0 games. 3 0 will do a similar thing etc.

5) Use this time and use your opponents time too. Don't forget to analyse the possible continuations during your opponents move too.

6) in time scramble ( both players), move any piece near your hand or near the clock – this will save seconds

7) in losing position, try make your opponent task as harder as you can ( even given material) – maybe he will lost on time.


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