Thursday, September 24, 2009

A "mini" interview with GM Negi Parimarjan

Thanks to Sirajuddin, my friends and i was invited to attend the Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open (DATMO) official dinner on 24th August 2009. We turn up early and while waiting for the dinner to start, my friend Aziz Shukor and fellow blogger - Salleh (Gilocatur) wait outside the tournament hall and play some blitz games. While playing , the world 2nd youngest GM - Negi Parimarjan went to the tournament hall to have a look for next round pairing. My fellow blogger Salleh (Gilocatur) spontaneously ask him for a photo session and short interview with me and Parimarjan said ok. Actually i'm not ready at that time. Usually i will use digital recorder to record the conversation but bellow is what i recall.

Hairulov: When do you start to play Chess?

Parimarjan : My father friend teach me to play when i was four.

Hairulov:What are you studying now (academic)?

Parimarjan : I'm in 11 grade and study in Delhi

How many GMs in your country? ( ask by Aziz Shukor)

Parimarjan :Aah.. i think 19 or 20...

Hairulov:Do you know Mashafizul?

Parimarjan :Yes, i play him twice. I lost one and draw one.

Hairulov:Do you think he can be a GM?

Parimarjan :I'm not sure whether he play regularly. But i think he can if he play regularly.

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