Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mas beat FM Andreas Strunski !

IM Mashafizul beat German FM Andreas Strunski (photo right) in round 5 last night. Mas now is in 4th place with 3.5 points with a 2658 performance rating !

Bear in mind that Mas and IM Marian Jurcik is playing one game less compare to others due to their postpone round one game.

Mas will meet the tournament leader Czech IM - Pavel Simachek in round 6 tommorow. Lets pray that Mas will continue his momentum.

Standings after round 5

Ranking crosstable after Round 5

Rk.NameRtgFED12345678910Pts. TB1 TB2 TB3
1IMSIMACEK Pavel2499CZE*01½113,56,000,03
2GMKRIVOSHEY Sergei2497UKR1*01½½3,07,750,02
3GMSTOHL Igor2543SVK*1½½½½3,06,750,01
4IMMAS Hafizulhelmi2416MAS10*113,05,500,03
5IMMICHALIK Peter2439SVK00*½112,54,750,52
6IMJURCIK Marian2477SVK½½*½12,54,750,51
7GMPOLAK Tomas2507CZE½½½½*02,06,000,00
8FMCSIBA Dominik2353SVK½01*0½2,04,000,01
9IMHIRNEISE Tobias2427GER0½001*1,53,500,01
10FMSTRUNSKI Andreas2394GER0½00½*1,02,500,00

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