Monday, September 07, 2009

KL Open Round 7 Result!

Round 7 Result

Ceased fire were consensually agreed by the top three boards. GM Ngoc draw against his compatriot - GM Dao Tien Hai, IM Irwanto Sadikin draw against Kazakhstan champion - Evgeny Pak and GM Marat Dzhumaev draw against his fellow countrymen - IM Tahir Vakhidov (photo right) who is the Brunei Darussalam National coach.

Indonesian GM Susanto Megaranto who beat Singaporean - FM Timothy Chan is actually the man to watch in this tournament. So far , all his game has ended in a decisive results although two is at his own expense which is against relatively lower rated player - CM Nguyen Hoang Nam and IM Dede liu.

Ian Udani lost to 13 years old Indonesian - Rahman Masruri. Probably tiredness has start to effect his performance.

NM Edward Lee failed to continue his momentum after being beaten by IM Richard Bitton. However the most interesting results for the host country is when International Arbiter - Najib Wahab (photo left) beat former national player - Ismail Ahmad. Probably after the tourney Najib will have to do some soul searching to decide whether he want to concentrate on arbitrating or playing!?

Below is the full result:-


Round 7 on 2009/09/07 at 1330

12GMThien Hai Dao25425½ - ½5GMNguyen Ngoc Truong Son25891
29IMIrwanto Sadikin2429½ - ½FMPak Yevgeniy234816
33GMDzhumaev Marat2532½ - ½4IMVakhidov Tahir25205
44GMMegaranto Susanto252741 - 04FMChan Wei Xuan Timothy236314
515Tolentino Rustum23624½ - ½4GMIuldachev Saidali25196
68GMNguyen Anh Dung24544½ - ½4CMNguyen Hoang Nam232919
726CMFarid Firman Syah22074½ - ½4IMLiu Dede241910
811CMVan Huy Nguyen241440 - 14FMMahmud Syarif234717
918FMChan Yi-Ren Daniel234041 - 04FMWahono Awam239313
1031Lee Kim Han Edward20890 - 1IMBitoon Richard24907
1120WIMMuminova Nafisa23201 - 0Jafar Sofyan052
1235Rahman Masruri19871 - 0Udani Ian224123
1312IMTirto24073½ - ½3Neubronner Shannon Scott205033
1438WCMMedina Warda Aulia19503½ - ½3IMGokhale Chandrashekhar228421
1545Wong Jianwen176330 - 13CMNeubronner Jarred222025
1629Eng Andre-Jerome208930 - 13Foo Benjamin203734
1732WIMMendoza Beverly206031 - 03Tanda Joni057
1824Panggabean Hasian22261 - 03M. Vivek166148
1937Ferdiman Tersiman19790 - 1IMShetty Rahul227022
2056Tan Li Ting00 - 1Kalugampitiya R.S.213128
2142Sathiyanarayanan R V18221 - 02Legaspi Edmundo215827
2250Abdul Wahab Najib021 - 02Ismail Ahmad208930
2339Abedin Md. Jaynul194720 - 12Mohamed Abdul Haq053
2440WFMDewi A. A. Citra19312½ - ½2Virda Riska Aulia058
2543Dissanayake R.d.a.c.181120 - 12Biswajit Bharadwaj192041
2654Oentoro Djoni01 - 0WCMSihite Chelsie Monica198636
2747Haslindah Ruslan169811 - 01Chen I-Chen171546
2849Chan Yi Jun Timothy1594½1 - 01Tan Fischer055
2944Lee Kai Jie Edward176300not paired
3051Chan Kim Keng000not paired

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