Sunday, September 06, 2009

KL Open 2009 - Round 5 (part 1)

Today i visit the round 5 KL Open held at the Shah's Village Hotel, Petaling Jaya (photo above) .

The tournament hall

The backdrop and medals

Top board round 5 in action : from left : CM Farid Firman Syah vs. GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son
far left : GM Dao Tien Hai vs GM Marat Dzhumaev

Below is one of the round 5 game.
CM Farid Firman Syah (2207) vs GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong San (2589)
KL Open, Round 5, 6.9.09
White to move
1. Rh3 Rfd8 2. Rd3 ?! 2. Rb1 Bxa4 3. Rd3 Qc5 4. Rxb7 2... Qe4 3. Qxe4 Bxe4 4. Rxd8+ Rxd8 5. Bb3 Kf8 5... Rd2 is too early to penetrate white's 7th rank 6. f3 Bc6 (6... Bxc2?? 7. Rc1) 7. Rf2 Rd1+ 8. Rf1 Rd2 9. Rf2 Rd4 10. a5 6. f3 Bc6 7. Ra1?! 7. Re1 Rd2 8. Kf1 g5 9.Re2 Rd4 10. c4 Rd3 11. Rb2 7... Rd2 Black penetrate white 7th rank. 8. Kf1 g5! 9. h3 h5 10. c4 Rd3 11.Bd1 Re3 Now white will lost his e5 pawn 12. Kf2 Rxe5 13. g4? A positional error. White should not put his pawns on the same colour with his bishop because there is chance that the rook will be exchange and the position tranpose into the same colour bishop endings. 13...h4! Nguyen fix white pawns on the light square so that he can attack with his bishop later. 14. Ra3 Ke7 15. Rd3 f5 16. Rd4 f4 17. Rd3 Rc5 18. Bb3 b6 19. Rd2 Re5 20. Re2? Black voluntary tranpose into a lost endgame. 20.Bd1 offer more resistance for e.g 20...Ra5 21.Ra2 20...Rxe2+ 21. Kxe2 Kd6 22. Bd1 Kc5 23. Kd3 e5 24. Be2 a5 25. Bd1 Kb4 0-1 And white lost his a4 pawn and the game.

Part 2 with more annotated games will follow soon....

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